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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Word of God

We listen to the readings from the Bible. the readings remind us of God's saving love and of His promise to send a Messiah. They also remind us of all the good things God has done for us. We respond by singing psalms about God.
The Apostles must have been sad and frightened after the death of Jesus. To forget their sadness and fear, they must have exchanged stories about things Jesus told them in the past. They must have sung psalms, too; to keep their spirits up.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peace On Earth

Pope John XXIII wrote a very important encyclical entitled Peace on Earth. In this encyclical, Pope John summarized Jesus' teachings about God's Kingdom to help us know that human beings have rights. When these rights are being violated, the Kingdom of God is failing.
Below are the human rights taught in the encyclical.
These rights are gifts from our loving Father.

  1. The right to life and a decent standard of living.
  2. The right to respect and to a good reputation.
  3. The right to search for and express truth.
  4. The right to pursue art and culture.
  5. The right to be informed truthfully about events.
  6. The right to education and training.
  7. The right to worship according to one's conscience.
  8. The right to choose freely a state of life.
  9. The right to work and work without force.
  10. The right to good working conditions.
  11. The right to just wages for one's work.
  12. The right to private property.
  13. The right to associate with other people.
  14. The right to move about freely.
  15. The right to take active part in public affairs.
  16. The right to legal protection for one's rights.

These rights belong to all of us. We can start putting them into action in our homes, in our classroom and in our communities. We can begin doing them through the way we treat our family, classmates, neighbors and even people we don't know.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Know More About The Series

  • Weaves worship, doctrine, moral and liturgy in an integrated pattern, in language suited for children's age and experience - National Catechetical Directory for the Philippines (NCDP)
  • Bridges perceived gap between Christian doctrine as taught and Christian morals as lived by the Filipino Catholic (NCDP)
  • Presents catechesis with Christ as the uniting focus, a pastoral orientation, a Filipino spirit of evangelization and culture - Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II, Acts and Decrees)
  • Promotes a revitalized and renewed Filipino Christian through Christ, with Christ and in Christ (Decree Convocation, PCP II)
  • Uses true-to-life situations and experiences that are uniquely Filipino as the most effective means for achieving the objectives of catechesis (NCDP)
  • Organizes catechism around the four traditional catechenical pillars of Creed, Sacraments, Commandments, and the Our Father as suggested in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC)
  • Presents the essentials of the Catholic Faith in an up-to-date , inculturated, organized, systematic and Christ-centered exposition with Bible and Church teaching in an unceasing interplay with Filipino experience and culture, as envisioned in the Catholic Faith Catechism (CFC)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Eastern Season

Easter is the most important season of the year. It is a time for rejoicing for Jesus has risen from the dead. St. Paul tells us that without Ressurection, our faith would be in vain.
The Easter season begins with the Easter Vigil on the night before Easter Sunday. We call Jesus' Ressurection with signs of His new life: Paschal candles, water and song.
In the early years of the Church, Easter was the time to receive into the Church those who wanted to become Christians. These candidates were called catechumens or converts . Today, the beautiful Easter liturgy still welcomes all who would share in Jesus' passion, death and Ressurection.
It is during the Easter season that we celebrate Jesus' Ascension, and the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mary, the Mother of God, has been given special honor since the early days of Christianity. We love and honor Mary beacuse she is the Mother of Jesus. Besides, Jesus gave her to us as our Mother.
One way by which we show our love and honor for Mary is through the celebration of her feast days. These feast days celebrate important moments in Mary's life. They show how much the family of God loves Mary.

Following are some of the feast days we celebrate:

There is no record of Mary's actual birthday but September 8 has been traditionally celebrated as the birth of Mary.

In many European countries, the feast of Mary's birth is celebrated together with the harvest celebration. In France, September 8 is within the harvest season for grapes. The workers gather the ripe grapes from the vineyards and select the best of the fruit. These they pile at the feet of Mary's statue in honor of her birthday. Then they pray in thanksgiving for a good harvest.

In the Philippines, we celebrate the birth of Mary with special masses and floral offerings. Some Catholic schools choose this day for the first Communion of their pupils.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ordinary Time

These are the Sundays when nothing else is scheduled. The season consists of two in-between periods. One is a short period between the Christmas season and the beginning of Lent. The other is the long period between the Eastern season and the first Sunday in Advent. The Sundays of the Year. During this season, the Holy Spirit helps us to remember that ordinary days are important, too.

Each Church season has a color. The color of Advent and Lent is purple as a sign of penance. Christmas and Easter are white or gold as a sign of joy. The color of the Sundays of the year is green as a sign of hope.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Advent Season

The season of Advent refers to the four weeks before Christmas. During this period, Catholics recall the years of waiting for Jesus. At that time, the people prepared themselves for the promised Messiah or Savior by trying to follow the laws of God.

Today, we celebrate Advent by giving thanks to God for our redemption in Christ. It is during this season that we are called on to do penance in anticipation of the joyous feast of Christmas. The penance we are called on to do need not be extraordinary sacrifices. All we need to do is to follow our normal routine offering each day to God and being more thoughtful of other people. The season of Advent is meant to remind us to live our lives closely to Jesus so that we can join Him in Heaven.

On Advent as we prepare for celebration of Jesus' coming into the world, let us pray for the grace to value things the way Jesus does. Let us want to only things that we really need. By doing these, we make room in our hearts for Jesus. We make ourselves worthy to celebrate Christmas

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saint Teresa Of Avila

Saint Teresa was born in Avila, Spain on March 28, 1515.
She spent her 67 years on earth trying to know Jesus and to know herself in relation to Jesus.
Saint Teresa lived by Jesus' last promise to the Apostles: Know that I am with you until the end of the world (Matthew 28:20).
She believed and knew that the Spirit of Jesus. As a member of the Carmelite order, she taught the Carmelite aspirants to recognize the wonderful presence of God in their hearts.
With the help of Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa reformed the Carmelite order amid great trials and oppositions.
She wrote many books teaching about the importance of contacting Jesus Himself in simple and personal prayer. She dedicated all her efforts to God and attributed to Him all her success.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Simeon's prophecy

When Jesus was presented at the temple, Simeon saw Him together with Joseph and Mary. Simeon said to Mary, "This Child is destined to be the downfall and the rise of many in Israel, a sign that will be opposed. And you, yourself, shall be pierced with a sword, so that the thoughts of many hearts may be laid bare."

cf. LUKE 2-27:35

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strike a Balance

Man did not weave the Web of Life, he is merely a strand in it, What ever he does to the web, he does to himself.

You will never have a river steady and sure in its flow, Unless in the upper reaches. Trees verdant and helpful grow. and you will never find a forest wide and refreshing and grand. Unless it is nourished by rivers. that flow through, renewing the land. And man who destroys the timber, leaving the mountainside bare. Wonders what dried up the river that once ran steadily there.