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Monday, March 12, 2012

People's lifestyle today, car is more than just a luxury but a necessity as well. Since car goes out of the factory in its default setup that will pass the requirement of average driving conditions, technology has been created and tested to allow the owners to personalize their car according to their preference and boost the car's performance.

This customization of cars is called car tuning where certain characteristics of the car will be altered to give the automobile added and improved features like fuel efficiency, faster speed, increase power, longer life, and more. The possibilities are endless when tuning a car as almost everything can be replaced from the wheels, lights, engines and more to improve the car's performance.

Even the car and automobile industry has been taken over by information technology as computers are now used to power up a vehicle. Some of the tools that are being use by car enthusiast and professional technicians can be purchased from Flash Tuner, a family owned store that sells the highest quality car tuners, electronic boost controller, EGT monitoring and more.

Here are some of their products that can be use to fine-tune and improve the performance of a car:

1.'HPTuners'. HP Tuners is one of the leading manufacturers today of flash tuner. They have a product called VCM Suite which is a computerized tuning suite that can be use for GM and Ford cars. The suite is very easy to use and is user-friendly and it has the following features:
.Compatible with Windows Vista
.Supports car-tuning for GM and Ford cars and trucks
.Tunerlock, LMM and transmission support
2.'superchip'. Superchip is a handheld tuning device that works for almost all models of car, van, SUV, or truck. Since it is a handheld device, it just needs to be plug in to the vehicle to get real-time information about the car that is needed to do the car tuning. The device can be updated over the Internet to get the latest updates on tuning options for over 1,000 types of vehicles.

It sounds simple, but getting stable and consistent electronic boost controller' is one of the most difficult parts of tuning a turbocharged car. The Apexi AVC-R boost controller was one of the first boost controllers I was ever involved with and I liked them so much that I even used one in our shop car DOCILE. I guess they still have a pretty strong following because they are still available new from Apexi despite being on the market for 6+ years now.

Ok so this isn't strictly a bad product but it has some downsides which is why we don't tend to sell them anymore. Apexi are pretty smart and they wanted to make a boost controller which could do everything the customer could hope for and more. The list of features is pretty impressive:

Gear detection
Gear dependent boost
RPM dependent boost
Self learning
Wastegate duty cycle control
Scramble boost control


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