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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Custom Labels

Stickers are used for a variety of items such as for windows, labels, business brands and even car bumpers. A good site offers help designing the sticker and includes the option to cut the sticker entirely around the design or cut while leaving a paper backing.

If you want to make stickers to use outside, it is important that these adhesive creations can endure any type of condition. A good sticker selection includes products that are both sun and water resistant. This means no matter rain or shine, your sticker will maintain its high quality.
With such a large selection of options, 'custom stickers' sites can be overwhelming. The best sites walk you through a step-by-step process and provide an art requirement sheet so you know exactly what you need for that perfect sticker. If you are using a basic shape such as a rectangle, square or circle, having access to a template simplifies the sticker-making process.

If the art requirements are intimidating, some sites provide a feature that lets you design your sticker directly on their website. They will take care of the color, sizing and formats to ensure your sticker comes out exactly how you want.

A good website will allow you to order anywhere from just one sticker all the way up to 5,000. Sometimes you just don't need 500 of the same sticker. A quick turnaround time is also important as some companies can take weeks to get your 'custom printed labels' and then you still have to wait for shipping. A quick turnaround time is three to five business days for printing and then three to five days for shipping.

Designing 'labels and stickers' can be a hefty task, especially if you feel you lack creative skills. Several sites offer free design help and will help you create that perfect sticker. The best sticker sites also offer several ways of communicating with the company - options such as phone, email and through social networking sites like Facebook or a blog. Having several methods of communication makes them more accessible and makes it easier for you to get the answers to all your questions. Visit frontierlabel.com for more details.


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