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Monday, March 12, 2012

Freightdynamics.com for Shipping Services

Save yourself the hassle of research and asking for referrals by visiting FreightDynamics.com, the web site of Freight Dynamics, your source of worldwide logistics and fulfillment solutions. Among the wide range of services that they offer are freight shipping, freight liquidation, crating services,custom packaging and fulfillment services.

The home page can give you a good overall picture of what the company can do for you. The header links can easily bring you to service categories but what you can conveniently use are the links at the bottom of the home page which lists the services that Freight Dynamics offer. You can even get an instant free quotation if you can provide the necessary details.

With their website, Freight Dynamics effectively answers all the questions you may have about their services. The site acts as an informative brochure or manual as well as a good marketing tool with all the testimonials that are generously placed around in many of the pages.

Freight Shipping. FreightDynamics.com handles both local and international freight shipping services. You can be sure that your shipment will arrive safe and sound especially with FreightDynamics.com's 1,800 affiliates worldwide. You can choose from various freight methods such as ground, air, and sea. You can enjoy affordable shipping rates because FreightDynamics.com can meet your budget requirements.
Crating and Packaging Services. To complement their freight shipping services, FreightDynamics.com also offers crating services and 'custom packaging'. Among the packaging solutions that you can choose from are custom crating which is ideal for fragile items because it involves the use of wooden crates with cushioned bases; 'custom packaging' where your item is bubble wrapped and then placed in a double corrugated carton; and you can also choose to have your item bubble wrapped then shrink wrapped and finally, packaged into a pallet. FreightDynamics.com can even pickup your item for packaging and 'delivery service'.


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