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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Medical Imaging Services

'Cardio MD', Myocardial perfusion imaging is used to visualize blood flow to the heart while a patient is resting and during or immediately following stress testing. The imaging study which produces three-dimentional images of the heart, can be performed with single photon emission computed. tomography (SPECT).

*Low Start-Up Costs
*Small Footprint
*Suitable for Smaller Clinics

The Biograph 16's large Kraus chiller has to be situated outside the coach to be able to exchange heat. This could be placed on a concrete pad next to the coach or under the coach albeit at an additional cost. The Power Distribution Cabinet (PDC) is a tall rack compared to the smaller PDC on the Biograph Duo and 6. The Water Distribution Cabinet (WDC) is obviously not necessary on the air-cooled Biograph Duo and 6 (with air-cooled Emotion CTs).

The use of high quality imaging systems is a must if you want accurate medical diagnosis. If you need an online source for such imaging systems, SouthWesternImaging.com is the website to go to. This is the site of Southwestern Imaging System & Services, L.P., a company that provides medical imaging system sales and service. Aside from the high quality reliable equipment that they offer, you also get affordable prices and excellent services. Below are some of the medical imaging systems being offered by SouthwesternImaging.com.

Ebrahim S. Delpassand MD is a Board Certified physician in 'Nuclear Medicine Service' and Clinical and Anatomical Pathology.
He is the former deputy chairman, associate professor, and chief of Clinical Nuclear Medicine at the department of Nuclear Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Dr. Delpassand's distinguished professional career includes an extensive background and experience in the area of therapeutic nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology monoclonal antibody imaging, lymphoscintigraphy in breast cancer, and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
But for the 'Biograph 16', you need both components which now fit perfectly in the space formerly known as the hot lab. So while you could feasibly keep the actual hot lab components in the space, there wouldn't be room for the typical reclining chair - especially not for anyone with a hint of claustrophobia.


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