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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scopes and Sights

In military and police settings, accuracy is the most important factor to prevent harm to unintended targets. A 'Sniper scope' contains flawless optical glass lenses and is an essential tool to the professionals who protect the public. Very large distances must be traversed visually while keeping the soldier or law enforcement officer at a safe distance and protected behind a barrier. The turrets on the sniper scope must be easily turned with the fingers while looking through the scope. Tiny audible clicks ensure accurate adjustments that elevate the sniper scope for perfect selection of a target amidst numerous obstacles. The sniper scope is useful to avid hunters in many harsh conditions where the sealed casing of the scope prevents moisture from creating fog between the lenses.

Extreme shooting situations have made the use of 'tactical scopes' essential to success in recreational and military situations, tactical scopes such as ar 15 scopes contain an intricate adjustment mechanism since the tiniest adjustment must be completed to frame a target that is nearly 1000 yards away. Rifles that have adjustable power settings can be set accurately based on the information provided by tactical scopes. When the rifle power setting is matched with the distance that must be traversed to hit the target, the bullet will hit the target with dependable accuracy. Because the turrets can be set and locked, repetitious shots will meet the mark every time.

Here at BARSKA, one of our specialties is riflescopes, which are offered in numerous varieties for different types of weapons. A rifle scope is designed to provide clear images and allow for more precise shooting in a number of venues whether it is in the field, target practice, or outdoors. Our rifle scopes are high quality, and they are ergonomically designed for comfort during long hunting sessions. They utilize the latest technology in optics to provide the most clear and up close images of the target.

The optics of the 'Rifle scopes' o-ring sealed for 100% waterproof protection and dry nitrogen purged to prevent the lenses from fogging up during adverse weather conditions in the outdoors. We design many different models of rifle scopes with different built-in adjustment features such as external windage & elevation, locking turrets, parallax adjustment, bullet drop compensation charts, digital reticle selectors and rheostat illuminated reticle adjustments. Barska rifle scopes are available in fixed power for standard shooting and zoom magnification for variable close to long distance targeting.


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