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Saturday, March 17, 2012


A very popular cigar brand worldwide, 'Ashton Cigars' on cigarplace.biz are made from the finest and richest Dominican grown tobacco leaves. Among the various 'Ashton Cigars' available from the site CigarPlace.biz are Ashton Churchill, Ashton Classic Magnum, Ashton Corona, Ashton Majesty, Ashton Prime Minister, and Ashton Senoritas.Although many cigar aficionados do not recommend buying cigars online, there are still good online sites where you can buy high quality cigars and can shop for low priced. CigarPlace.biz promises the best prices and 24-hour turnaround. Even international buyers can shop for cigars from this website.

The web site is a simple yet complete online shopping web site. You can easily find what you are looking for with the use of the list of categories on the left sidebar or with the cigar finder that is conveniently placed right below the header. With the cigar finder feature of the site, you can search by brand or you can specify the size, strength, and wrapper.Drop by CigarPlace.biz and you will never get your cigars again from an actual physical cigar store. Not only do you get great prices, you can also shop for cigars right in your own home and have them delivered quickly. You also do not have to worry about the conditions of the cigar that you will consider because they are shipped with a humidification device to ensure its freshness and quality.

They have their made by hand in Nicaragua, 'Acid Cigars' are made with all natural materials and are known for their distinct flavor and aroma. CigarPlace.biz has various Acid cigars available such as Acid Atom, Acid Earthiness, Acid Kuba Kuba, Acid Nasty, and Acid Wafe, among others. Acid cigars are often available in a box of 10, a box of 24, or a single cigar.

For those who are just starting to smoke cigars, the sampler packs of CigarPlace.biz are perfect for trying out various brands and flavors. These specially designed packs will help you get a taste of various brands so you can find out which one is right for you.


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