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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Employee Incentive Programs

In recent years, the rewards program industry has been greatly enhanced by advances in web-based platforms that allow companies to interface web applications directly with retail and travel companies. Online Rewards has integrated its incentive software platform with national fulfillment houses to offer clients near limitless program possibilities and participants an even wider spectrum of up-to-date rewards choices in retail, travel, entertainment, and gift card redemption options.A well designed, developed and deployed sales incentive program is low cost, engaging, team-building, results-oriented and contributes directly to the bottom line.

The Advantage program, designed for a maximum of 250 participants, provides clients with a branded web site, participant management, reward point distribution, catalog redemption, and award tracking capabilities. For companies requiring platforms for up to 2,500 participants, the Bulls-Eye program is specifically designed to support large, data-intensive programs. In addition to the features offered in Advantage, Bulls-Eye also includes participant messaging and content management capabilities. The Performance Plus program is an enterprise-level incentive solution designed to support dynamic participant populations and meet complex client objectives. Functional capabilities for Performance Plus include interactive training, online education, and performance and ranking tables. All programs can be customized to integrate into existing HR and CRM software to facilitate program management.If an organization believes that a highly charged and effective sales force can make the difference, then a creatively executed sales 'incentive program' is a key ingredient for success.The Online Rewards platform provides its clients with the ability to deploy customized solutions within a secure, stable and scalable environment.Key characteristics of the Online Rewards best-in-class sales incentive solution include:

*Sales-based targets
*Individual and team-based competitions
*Dashboard management tracking for individual and team performance
*Product/service knowledge and training quizzes
*Special promotions or sales claim processes

Online Rewards assists companies in building a workplace that fosters 'employee recognition' and increases employee retention. Custom programs are created to provide any options your company would want:

*Manager Spot Awards
*Peer to Peer Recognition
*Nomination Programs with printable certificates
*Annual Company Awards
*Productivity and Performance Targets.

Online Rewards maintains catalogs containing real-time data pulled from such sources as Amazon.com and Hotels.com as well as a wide variety of entertainment options. This proprietary system allows companies to offer their program participants one or many custom and current catalogs. Once awards are selected and shipped, Online Rewards 'incentive programs' enable participants to follow their rewards on-screen, automatically tracking orders and updating shipping information.

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