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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Lots of treasures that you can find online, but TwiggysTreasures.com is one of the best. It is your ultimate online source of a variety of swords, shields, weapons, daggers, and helmets. If you are a cosplayer, TwiggysTreasures.com will surely get a regular visit from you. Among the wide selection of swords that you can find at TwiggysTreasures.com are 'anime sword' , movie swords, 'dragon swords' ,'fantasy sword' , and many more. All of the products are easily accessible through the header links as well as the category list on the right sidebar. With Twiggy's Treasures experience of more than ten years in selling swords and blades of all kinds, you can be sure that you will only get the highest quality products from the site.

The home page may seem intimidating upon your first look with the images of throwing knives, battle axes, samurai swords, and a host of other types of blades. Despite the seemingly scary objects on the home page, the overall design is simple and easy on the eyes. Navigation is quick and intuitive while the colors are light and cool.If you are visiting the site, to buy one of their products, you will surely be eager to view the product pages. Although potential buyers will appreciate more images of the products taken at various angles, the single image on each product page can be enlarged to a size that is more than adequate for a closer look and scrutinizing. Product details and specifications are included and many of the products are offered with a considerable discount.

Since there is very little to distract you from browsing, viewers tend to pay more attention to the items on display. But if the images still fail to catch your attention, then the item's title should be more than enough to accomplish the job. Blades entitled Zorro are quite hard to miss. The combination of simple background, large thumbnails, and catchy titles make for a very entertaining and convenient navigation. Definitely a must for sword-lovers.


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