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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Women,s Health

Healthywomen.org expertly written articles on numerous 'womens fitness' , health topics, from uterine fibroids (a potential cause of heavy monthly bleeding) to osteoporosis. It is an excellent overall resource for just about anything you may need to know about your health and well-being. They even have an "Ask an Expert" column where you can send in your own questions, such as this one about how to determine if your periods are normal.

HealthyWomen's award-winning website, www.HealthyWomen.org, was one of the first sites dedicated solely to women's health and is recognized nationally as a go-to source for trustworthy health and information for women. This dynamic, comprehensive resource gives women the latest 'pregnancy information', including news updates, health tips, resources and extensive coverage of hundreds of health topics.

HealthyWomen regularly surveys women to learn about their attitudes and behaviors through quick online polls and our annual Women TALK® study. Findings from this research guide development of HealthyWomen content and publications. As part of its public health education campaigns, HW also routinely conducts national research studies to understand women's knowledge and beliefs about particular health topics as well as 'pregnancy advice'.

HealthyWomen excels in conducting nationally recognized public health education campaigns. In partnership with other nonprofit organizations, media, government agencies and corporations, these campaigns raise awareness of a variety of women's health conditions.


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